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And move to a new World...

We Create Software Experiences

We are technology and software experts who are passionated about making your business presence smart and engaging.

Since our origins in the year 2018 as a software development company, we ’ve grown into a trusted full service software agency and jack-of-all-trades for our clients, providing a robust range of services. . We provide new tools and methodologies that accelerate business results while managing risk and complexity.

Listening, learning, sharing and informing to deliver outstanding work across multiple services.

Our clients inspire us every single day as they aspect the world in ways both large and small, locally and globally. Whether it’s a revolutionary way to serve content to audiences across the globe or a game-changing innovation for business, amazing things happen when we can get behind our client’s mission and adopt it as our own.


Software development requires big picture thinking about business strategy, brand, technology and desired outcomes.

Creative / Eshop Construction

Bring us your  challenge.We create useful and functional e-shops.The goal of building an electronic store is to persuade even those users who are least familiar with the internet to buy online, without hesitation. That is why the e-shops we create have an appealing yet simple design which emphasizes user-friendliness.

Furthermore, user experience isn’t all about design. It’s about understanding consumers and how to make their life simple. We create experiences that engage, stimulate and are fully extendable across all channels.

Mobile App

Turn your website into your mobile app. Engage your customers. . Visitors become leads, driving business growth.Mobiles app are faster,Instant online & offline access,push notifications & instant updates.

Sinis Software can help you connect with your audience through Eshop,Mobile App, CRM.


We deeply study the overall competitiveness of the industry and identify the most relevant competitors.


We segment the market, measure the volume and the potential profitability of each part.


We define the elements needed to compete successfully at your online presence.


We establish traffic sources and performance goals to ensure positive return.



We design your Mobile App that maximizes the generation of new leads and / or sales.


We organize and monitor your business processes and transactions with your audiences


We bring you closer to your customers

Code changes lives…

We build digital products designed to solve real problems and create value for people.

With you at the center, your team takes an agile approach to turn your roadmap into a finely tuned product. Every line of code, every user interface and every piece of content are built with purpose.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller