New Google Ad Feature: TrueView for Shopping on Youtube

In May, Google announced a new ad format that will be rolled out for Youtube in the next several months. The new format is an expansion on the TrueView Youtube ads that most people have undoubtedly encountered already. Traditional TrueView ads are video advertisements that play before Youtube videos. Although there are several variations on this format, generally viewers will be given the option to skip the ad after watching the first five seconds of the TrueView video. If the ad is skipped, the advertiser will not be charged.
TrueView for shopping ads will change up this format by also including static images of the products that are featured in the video ad, as well as details such as product name and price. By clicking on the product images, viewers are taken directly to the merchant’s website, creating a one-to-one connection between video ads and the purchase process.


TrueView for shopping ads will be compatible out of the door with both desktops and mobile devices. While their exact format may vary slightly depending on the device used to view the video, the ads will feature the same information and options regardless of device. Based on preliminary screenshots, it seems like the mobile version of these ads may offer a little more bang for your buck, as the ads apparently take up the entirety of the mobile screen regardless of whether or not the video is currently being viewed full-screen.


If you are a merchant who works in ecommerce (i.e. customers buy your products directly from your webpage) and have ever considered advertising on Youtube, then you should definitely look into this new ad format in the coming months. Although the ad format is not available to the general public as of today, agencies like Sinis Group who have dedicated Google representatives have early access to TrueView for shopping ads. As always, the analysts here at Sinis Group are available to answer any search engine marketing questions you may have – we would love to hear from you!

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