Online Stores – E-commerce

The store designs have changed in the past several months with increase in Mobile E-commerce. Retailers are finding the number of orders placed on mobile or tablet devices is rapidly growing. We will create a unique Store Design  for your company that not only matches your branding but provides the best user experience on all devices

Sinis Group has vast experience developing E-commerce websites. We have experience working with individuals and enterprise teams. The development of an e-commerce website is a very involved project and could stall if the development is managed improperly.

We begin by assigning an account manager to you. This person will be the liaison between our team and you. It is the account managers’ responsibility to gather your logos, content, marketing materials, etc.

You then discuss with one of our Art Directors your vision for the website theme.

Once your new website theme has been designed, we hand it off to our development team to program and incorporate into the WordPress and other open source platforms.

3 level Certification


We build digital products designed to solve real problems and create value for people. Sinis group team takes an agile approach to turn your roadmap into a finely tuned product. Every line of code, every user interface and every piece of content are built with purpose.

Graphic Design

Our awarded in-house graphic design team is responsible to make a unique website with focus in UX design.


With our e-marketers’ website check, you will be sure that you have an efficient website which focus on conversions, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our Process
  • Define

    To fully meet your goals, we have to understand what they are, why they're important, to shape how we’re going to get there.

  • Design

    Our visual and UX designers collaborate to come up with creative solutions to meet business objectives.

  • Develop

    Our technology and development process ensures the produced work is built for performance and scalability

  • Review

    Dotting our i's and crossing our t's. We put a big emphasis on quality assurance to produce robust solutions.

Responsive Design

If your goal is to increase your conversion rate of your website, the Responsive Design is crucial for you!

Responsive Web Design (RWD) provides an optimal user experience, allowing your site to be easily navigated for maximum readability across all mobile devices. Responsive web design eliminates the inconvenience of constant scrolling up and down, panning left and right or resizing windows.

Why with Responsive Design the conversion rate will be increased?

  • Beacause your Website will be more visually appealing with improved readability
  • Brand your new site faster and start converting visitors to customers
  • Website will achieve higher search engine rankings
  • Website will be future-proofed for new web-ready devices in the coming years